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Al George is a semi-professional photographer with over 40 years experience. His photography runs the gamut from scenery, nature and wildlife, portrait and commercial. He has traveled all over the world to find the perfect combination of majestic scenery and beautiful masculine male physiques.


His vision is that a finely tuned nude male physique is the most beautiful of creations. The interplay of light and shadow over the contours of a highly defined muscular physique is so totally awe inspiring. The combination of a gorgeous nude male physique and a stunning outdoor panorama creates an image of unsurpassed beauty and majesty. These men have worked long and hard to sculpt their own physiques into living breathing pieces of beautiful sculpture.


God created man totally nude, just like all the other living creatures. So, to better appreciate the wonder and majesty of his creations. This Site is dedicated to “Adam” in the Garden before man created clothing to allow him lie about his physique and possibly his nature!

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